Taize - the bookTaizé-[teɪzeɪ]—A Community and Worship: Ecumenical Reconciliation or an Interfaith Delusion?

Over 100,000 young people visit Taizé Community in France every year. Many of them are from Christian homes. What's more, an increasing number of churches are introducing Taizé worship practices in their church services. Just what exactly is Taizé? Chris Lawson uncovers the truth about this interfaith community.

From Taizé - A Community and Worship (the book):

"Current ecumenical and interfaith movements are expanding like never before. These spiritual trends, and the many Christian denominations and religions involved, are proof that a vast global phenomenon is occurring. Indeed, a “new spirituality” pushing for global unity and oneness is well underway.

Trumpeting unity, peace, and prayer, with key ecumenical and interfaith leaders at the forefront, monks from France’s Taizé Community (and a vast array of their young followers) are part of the ever-growing push for global ecumenical assimilation."

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